Royal Honey


Bobby C - Vocals


Davey Nine Fingers - Guitar, Vocals
Greggy Velvet - Bass
Eric "Ginger Honey" Rodger - Guitar, Vocals
Angel - O-skins, Vocals


“The Boys With The City Slang!”

From: Pittsburgh PA
Formed: 2018
Label: The Vault Records
Shared Stages:

  • Kix
  • Faster Pussycat
  • Y&T
  • The Plimsouls
  • Quireboys
  • Bang Tango
  • Little Caesar
  • Spear of Destiny (UK)
  • Little Man

People ask all the time where the name Royal Honey comes from? Drummer Angelo Amantea says with his swaggitude “I just made it up…It’s what I do! I’ve been naming bands for years!”

That’s not all they’ve been doing for years. Royal Honey brings together some of the best talent and experience in the rust belt region. The band has only been together since 2018, but its members go way back in the local steel city scene, having played renowned clubs like The Decade, Graffiti, The Electric Banana, 31st Street Pub, and Someplace Else regularly. They’ve also all played up and down the major east coast cities, prior to forming Royal Honey.

These guys have been around the block a bunch of times. Coming from previous bands including The Dirty Charms, The Ultimatics, The Cheats, The Addicts, Lize, The Science Fiction Idols, The Cosmosonics, Child of Fire, Kill Bossa, Rainstation Zero and Gas Tiger, they’ve got the experience and pedigree to write great catchy songs and put on killer energetic shows!

Guitarist Eric Rodger says “We’ve accomplished so much in just a short year and half, because we’re all contributing and pulling the same direction. Dave brings most of the song ideas, and we lay down the tracks with efficiency in the studio. Ang does almost all the artwork and flyers and books most of the shows. Greg’s in radio, so he’s our PR man, getting us press and interviews. I handle the studio mixing and merch, and making sure that everything we produce is top grade. And Bobby commands every crowd we play to like the master of ceremonies that he is! Because of this camaraderie, Royal Honey has released one CD and is already mixing the next one, just signed a recording contract with The Vault Records, and has played to hundreds of fans in major cities like NYC, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.”

Royal Honey’s sound has been described as part New York Dolls, part Guns N Roses. Their influences are abound, including The Stones, AC/DC, NY Dolls, Guns N Roses, Kix, The Cult and Faster Pussycat, with some Thin Lizzy guitars thrown in for good measure. And topped off with steel city grit and attitude.

Royal Honey and The Vault Records present the new official video for “Dirty Romance.”

Dirty Romance is the first single from Royal Honey’s debut CD “Hype, Money And Misbehavior.” Originally released in June 2019. Written by Dave Musick. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bob McCutcheon of The Vault Studios, Pittsburgh PA. Produced by Eric Rodger.
Video filmed and edited by Fernando De La Cruz of Ambriek Creations.
Special thanks to Jergel’s Rhythm Grille, The Crafthouse Stage & Grill, and Drusky Entertainment.
“the video itself is a romping good time, the song itself is infectious, and by the end, it will leave you with a smile on your face”  –  First Angel Media, May 15, 2020



Cut N Run
Pull the Plug
Dirty Romance
Hype, Money, And Misbehavior
Liquid Dynamite


"Robert Collins is equal parts Angry Anderson, Bon Scott, and Howard Stern, and the ex-Dirty Charms crooner has a new joint you need to be schooled on. They’re called Royal Honey, and if you like your rock hard, a little red, sleazy, greasy, and vintage, I regret to inform you that you missed a right corker of a homegrown jam if you didn’t catch their record release shindig at Howler’s." [read more]
"Royal Honey is garage rock band from Pittsburgh who incorporate glam, blues, and punk into their music to showcase the raw attitude the band projects." [read more]
"This year-old band made up of grizzled Pittsburgh rock veterans"..." has swagger to burn on their debut EP, 'Hype, Money and Misbehavior.' Recorded at The Vault on the analog Neve console, it’s the good old, greasy, garage-y, blues-based rock of the sort that you’d find at the Decade, the 31st Street Pub, etc." [read more]
The verses groove and crank a tube amp distortion that takes you back to the late 70’s and early 80’s, and the chorus slides into this singable, fist raising, howling mantra of “Let’s start something were never gonna loose” because these boys are having too much fun. Exactly when you need it, this wailing solo screams though the speakers to charge the song fully to the end.
Whatcha gonna do about it? ROYAL HONEY bring the goods. Hard driving rock & roll with swagger and style. [read more]

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The Vault Records

Label: The Vault Records
6500 Grand Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15225

Booking: Eric Rodger

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